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Echobox is where we can create the story of our life. This technological innovation is already being recognized as a revolutionary tool for recreational therapists and health care workers everywhere, as Echobox helps individuals and families cope with depression, boredom, anxiety and grief. It reconnects people with themselves, sparks memories, kindles refreshing conversations and boosts cognitive activity! 
By listing favourite things, writing descriptions, attaching pictures and adding links to related material (even making audio and video recordings), we can truly capture all the sights, sounds, flavours, colours, scents and memories that are most dear to us. This rich, detailed reflection will one day serve as an irreplaceable tribute to our memory and a treasured gift for those we leave behind. Friends and family will always have this realm to visit, reminisce and rediscover all the many things we love about life!

We can also host Echoboxes for others by creating multiple realms at no cost. This means we can also catalogue our children’s yearly interests and achievements or help our parents gather and organize priceless memories for safe-keeping! Echoboxes can also be transferred from one device to another, enabling care workers the ability to ‘gift’ a patient’s realm to a member of their family  

Echobox is FREE to join, has NO ADVERTISING and contains no news feed, opinions, comments or ‘likes’. It is a personal, private sanctuary for us to fill up as we wish. Contacts are made strictly by invitation only, giving users full control over who has access to see their content.

Most importantly Echobox will be there for us when we need it most, after losing someone we love. The sound of their voice. Their favourite songs. The magic and memories of years gone by. A compilation of everything that has brought a smile to their face, as described in their own words. We can listen to Grandpa’s directions to a secret fishing spot, or choose a treat from Grandma’s recipe list to bake for dessert! Maybe curl up and watch one of Mom’s all-time favourite movies or read some of Dad’s crazy stories from his childhood! These experiences carry incredible emotional value and offer us a way to remember friends and family with love, light and laughter.

Watch the video demonstration below or simply Download the app for FREE and start filling up an Echobox today!

Call or email us to arrange a FREE 10-15 minute demonstration: 403-992-3246 /

How to use Echobox

(Before you begin, please ensure that your device is set to standard view and not zoomed view in the ‘Display and Brightness’ section of Settings)

1. Download Echobox Memory Vault for FREE, make a User profile and take note of the 8-digit User ID you are given.

2. Press ‘BUILD A BOX’ on the BUILD screen and create a Box profile.

3. Touch your Box profile picture to see what’s inside of it! There are FREE TOPICS where your memories can be kept safe, the OUTBOX where you can invite loved ones to view the Box you are building, and finally the SHOP where you can add more Topics or Premium Status to the Box you are building. To access the Box Profile, touch your Box profile picture once again.   

4. Use the ‘back arrow’ to navigate back to the BUILD screen. Across the top you will see two other screens to discover, BROWSE and INBOX.

– The BROWSE page is where you will find the Boxes that your family and friends have invited you to view and explore!

– The INBOX page is where you will receive invitations when family and friends enter your User ID in their Outbox.

Start Filling Your Echobox Today!

Free to try. Available on iOS.