We originally created Echobox to offer families a new way to keep an elder loved one’s memory vibrant and alive. Their words captured and their passions safely preserved. A treasured collection of stories and recordings, preferences and references; songs, movies, recipes – all of life’s favourite things! Echobox was inspired by the story of Stan Beaton, a widower and old age pensioner living in Yorkshire, England (this is the video I watched about Stan). Fair to say we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into!

   After the launch of our pilot model Echobox quickly made National (CTV) News here in Canada then International (BBC) News overseas, resulting in an outstanding global response from individuals involved in Memory care, Dementia care, Palliative care, EOL, Occupational Therapists, Recreation Therapists – just to name a few. Our family project was being called ‘revolutionary’, ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘an essential tool for caregivers’. Echobox was proving to be capable of much, much more than we thought! 

   To properly address the incredible swell of interest we received, the technology had to be redesigned in order to flourish in a corporate setting. A rigorous Discovery Phase followed, and for two years we researched, met with hundreds of caregiving professionals, developed our own inner network of passionate, devoted caregivers and successfully established both primary and secondary target markets in the process. During this time, Echobox was all the while navigating away from functioning as a scrapbooking platform and towards a Senior Healthcare Solution. 

   Our new SaaS iteration is fully designed. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and are digging into the new build: a non-pharmaceutical, person-centred approach to achieving optimized quality care. Echobox Memory Vault! We have many doctors, psychologists, therapists, program directors, hospice CEO’s, other entrepreneurs (and healthcare workers of all stripes) to thank for getting us here! Their collective time, shared experience and ongoing support have continued to help us make Echobox the best tool it can be.

Be a part of our journey!

Some of the incredible benefits and impacts
Echobox Memory Vault will soon deliver:

  • It will eclipse the limited information in industry-standard ‘Intake’ and ‘Needs Assessment’ forms
  • It will help boost cognitive function / tease out old memories / kindle new conversations
  • It will act as a creative workstation, encouraging individuals in neurological decline to engage
  • It will create fun content for group song and dance events or movie nights and cooking nights
  • It will offer helpful guides (songs, scents, stories) for mealtime, washes, changes and bedtime
  • It will combat work-related stress, help fight off caregiver burnout and provide a fun activity
  • It will assist in all 5 Domains of Recreation Therapy and will also aid in Reminiscence Therapy
  • It will build meaningful connections and bridges between young caregivers and elderly clients
  • It will help familiarize new caregivers with new patients in case of change in location of either
  • It will be accessible by smartphones, laptops and iPads making it cheap and easy to onboard
  • It will ‘give a voice to the voiceless’ for those who can no longer fully express their preferences
  • It will improve the quality of life for individuals through person-centred, non-pharmaceutical care
  • It will offer a place for palliative patients to tell life stories and pass on treasured information
  • It will provide a digital legacy for grieving families and a new source of loving grief support

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“We see great potential in what Echobox is trying to accomplish and are keen to explore collaborative possibilities or research opportunities with them in the future.”
    ~ Lia Tsotsos, Ph.D, Director / Centre for Elder Research, Sheridan College. Oakville, ONT, Canada

“Revolutionary technology that will help to fill the void… help transform the lives of those living with dementia and the caregivers who are caring for them.”
   ~ Lance A. Slatton, Certified Senior Case Manager / Host of ‘All Home Care Matters’. Livonia, MI, USA

“Echobox would benefit people of all or differing abilities, especially those suffering from memory disorders, and would also greatly assist caregivers and healthcare leaders.”
   ~ Chelsea Barley, MBA, CTRS / Founder of Rec and Chill. Tampa, FL, USA

“This application is simply groundbreaking, a milestone to improving the way we as humans keep the legacies of our loved ones vital, vibrant and valued.”
   ~ Demetress Harrell, CEO / Hospice In The Pines. Lufkin, TX, USA

“I see this technology becoming a crucial part of our communication between ourselves, families and medical professionals that would without a doubt lead to the better care of our people.”
   ~ Melanie West, Administrative Manager / Dementia Hawkes Bay. Napier, New Zealand

“My wish is that I will witness such an invention in the hands of every organization, business and caregiver training program in the country. This is a life-changer that will change the course of dementia and memory loss care.”
   ~ Dr Ethelle Lord, Founding President / International Caregivers Association. Mapleton, ME, USA

“This innovative technology will enable loved ones and professionals to share vital information that is often lost and will allow older adults to have a voice and maintain their dignity for as long as possible.”
   ~ Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director / Community Health and Social Service Network. Quebec City, QB, Canada

“Through the Echobox platform, millions of people would have a place to safely, securely and most of all SIMPLY capture this invaluable data – data that can also inform care and facilitate better outcomes.”
   ~ Michelle Seitzer, Author / Founder of Caregiving Advice. Macungie, PA, USA

“I see Echobox as a tool that can be used across all stages of dementia. I believe it has the potential to have an impact on the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers from multiple aspects.”
   ~ Marija Taneska, Psychologist / University College London. London, England, UK

“When I heard about the latest iteration of Echobox I found the information to be revolutionary for both clients and their families. Imagine hearing the voice of a loved one sharing historical family information.”
   ~ Glenn Skimming, BPE Rec T / Ex-President of the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association. Edson, AB, Canada

Partners, Sponsors and Friends

   We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to thank the many friends, caregiving professionals, services and enterprises who we’ve had the good fortune to meet along our journey thus far! Listed below are just a few of the many hard-working, dedicated individuals who have offered us their time, have advised and guided us through our growth and exposure, and who continue to encourage and empower us as we move forward as a non-pharma Senior Healthcare Solution. This is our village! Please click on a few and learn more about what these amazing people and groups are up to!
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