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Echobox Memory Vault has emerged as a revolutionary tool for senior healthcare industry leaders who apply person-centered solutions to help deliver optimized care. By exploring life stories and loving memories, this heartwarming innovation has begun elevating Quality of Life in care communities large and small. When captured and referenced by caregivers, these treasured recollections and preferences offer a world of positive support to those both giving and receiving care. Echobox offers connection and encourages engagement while simultaneously combatting work-related stress and caregiver burnout. 

We welcome you to have a look around the site to familiarize yourself or your team with this groundbreaking technology.
Thank you for your time and for considering Echobox Memory Vault for those in your care!    


~ Sparks new conversations, special memories and life stories which portray personality and individuality
~ Captures and showcases one’s favorite things about life to brighten up their day and provide material for activities
~ Familiarizes caregivers with their patients and seniors with a loving, easily accessible, personalized reference guide
~ Offers supportive, agreeable suggestions to help navigate daily challenges such as change, bath and bed times

“Echobox will assure patients retain the love and memories cultivated over a lifetime”

Demetress Harrell, MA, LBSW, FAPA, CEO of Hospice In The Pines, Texas, USA

“We see tremendous value and are keen to explore collaborative possibilities or research opportunities”

Lia E. Tsotsos, PhD, Director for the Centre for Elderly Research, Ontario, Canada

“Revolutionary technology that will transform the lives of those living with Dementia”

Lance A. Slatton, CSCM, Host of All Home Care Matters, Michigan, USA

“Communication that would without a doubt lead to the better care of our people”

Melanie West, Administrative Manager at Dementia NZ, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

“Echobox will add deep connection and value to our persons and their loved ones living with Dementia”

Sira Botes, OTR/F, CHT, CDP, Founder of Botes Memory Method, Florida, USA

“Echobox would benefit people of all differing abilities, especially elderly individuals who suffer from memory disorders”

Chelsea Barley, MBS, CTRS, Founder of Rec & Chill, Florida, USA

“This innovative technology will enable loved ones and professionals to share vital information which is often lost and lead to better care”

Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director of the CHSSN, Quebec, Canada

“My wish is that I will witness such an invention in the hands of every organization, business and caregiver training program in the country”

Ethelle Lord, M.Ed., DM, Founding President of the International Caregivers Association, Maine, USA

“Echobox can simply capture and inform care and facilitate better care outcomes”

Michelle Seitzer, Author, Founder of Caregiving Advice, Pennsylvania, USA