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How it Works

All Echobox Subscriptions are based upon the amount of Storyblocks they offer. Storyblocks are how memories are captured by caregivers. To ensure these stories and recollections are illustrated vividly, each Storyblock has room for: a title, 1,000 words of text, 3 pictures, 1 video recording and 1 audio recording.

To easily categorize these Storyblocks (someone’s collection of life stories and personal preferences) Echobox Memory Vault provides the following Topics: The Senses, Childhood, Music & Song, Movies & TV, Food & Drink, Fun & Games, Work, Travels, People, Animals, The Outdoors, Vehicles, Fashion, Art & Books, Sports, Garden and finally Hopes and Dreams.

* * *

Step #1: Sign Up and Subscribe Whether you’re a family member caring for a loved one(s) at home, a small-to-medium sized business owner, or the President & CEO of a major corporation, the first step would be to create an account and sign up for an appropriately-sized subscription for the individuals or community in your care:

Basic Subscription:
20 Storyblocks

Standard Subscription:
145 Storyblocks

Deluxe Subscription:
275 Storyblocks

Premium Subscription:
500 Storyblocks

Step #2: Add Caregivers and Seniors/Patients After choosing a suitable subscription, the second step would be to: 

a) add the members of your care team (these caregivers are automatically invited via email once their profiles are added to your account)
b) create profiles for those in your care. 

Step #3: Create and Reference Storyblocks The final step is for your caregivers to begin capturing treasured memories. Whenever they select a Topic and enter a Storyblock, another key piece to somebody’s Echobox is added. That same Storyblock can then be referenced and incorporated into daily care by everyone included in your approved care circle. At this point, Echobox Memory Vault will be working hard to deliver person-centered, non-pharmaceutical benefits to the wonderful people in your environment – caregivers, seniors and patients alike. 

* * *

  The more Storyblocks there are for caregivers to refer to, the higher the quality of care they can deliver. Over time, your Echobox account would accumulate a multitude of irreplaceable memories. Each and every one of them would be going a long way to create meaningful connections, boost spirits, encourage cognitive function, provide excellent material for song nights / movie nights / cooking nights / birthdays / other special events, and become a voice for the voiceless – all while combatting work-related stress and caregiver burnout by acting as a invaluable reference guide to optimize care.